American Idol Dream Ticket

While on vacation in the summer of 2010, Mr. Lopez (our founder) reluctantly auditioned for the "American Idol" experience competition at Disney's Hollywood Studios! After winning 3 preliminary rounds of competitions against other singers, he landed a spot in the "Grand Finale" to compete against 6 other finalist for the chance to win the "American Idol Dream Ticket"! Mr. Lopez was announced the "American Idol Grand Prize Winner" and brought home the "American Idol Dream Ticket" that summer. The "American Idol Dream Ticket" allows the "Grand Finale Winner" to schedule in advance an audition for "The American Idol" television show and forfeit the long lines at any audition in the country! Because Mr. Lopez was passed the age limit to audition for "American Idol", he was allowed to pass this "Dream Ticket" to anyone of his choice who would gain the same access as he would as the winner of the competition. The ticket was passed off to a talented singer in the summer of 2011. This was the inspiration and the start of the Lopez Spotlight Talent Competition!
Man in orange dress — Dream ticket in Reston, VA
American Idol participant — Dream ticket in Reston, VA
Man in orange dress is singing— Dream ticket in Reston, VA
Tv show— Dream ticket in Reston, VA