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What is (LAMP) The Lopez Acting Master's Program?

(LAMP) The Lopez Acting Master’s Program is a three year Master’s Acting Program unlike any other in the DMV. The student embarks upon a journey into the world of straight theatre. What are we talking about when we say Straight Theatre? It means no musicals, no Jr. Productions—we are going to dive into the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts of learning the tools, and developing the discipline it takes to do the hard work to become a working professional actor. This program services students ages 12-18.


We start our first year in this program with the basics—The Actor’s Toolbox. Here is where your child will learn the basics of the fundamentals of acting. In order to proceed into a master artist, one needs to have the foundation firmly cemented, and in this year, we will spend our time doing just that. To show off all the hard work your child has put in to this program, we invite you to join us in their final performance, An Evening of Scenes, which will be held in one of the nearby black box theatres. Having graduated from year one of LAMP, your child will have a working headshot and resume ready to go, an intensive industry led workshop with working actors, agents or casting directors in the DC and NY area, and a polished and professional scene they will be performing in front of said agent or casting director! Who knows who will be discovered? Your child will also get a private acting lesson every week as part of the process. There is no process like this in the entire DMV area where a child graduates the first year out of the gate ready to go!
Auditions will be held for placement and assessment only.

(Year 2)- Advanced Techniques

In our second year of (LAMP), Advanced Techniques, we'll dig even deeper into the actor's process to begin to explore even more challenging acting exercises, scenes, and one-acts, culminating in a final production of smart, funny, and an emotionally engaging Evening of One Acts. One Acts are plays that are usually around 15 minutes in length, and will be performed at one of the black box theatres in the area. Because your child changes looks from year to year, we also offer brand new headshots to go with their brand new acting chops, as well as an updated professional resume and another intensive industry led workshop with agents or casting directors who will see their polished One Act performances prior to our culmination. Your child will also get private lessons thru the second year of LAMP, to ensure they are achieving the necessary skill set the Advanced Acting second year requires. They are now ready for our third and final class in the Lopez Master's Acting Program.

Prerequisite- The Actor's Toolbox
1st Year Program or Audition Required for acceptance in The Advanced Program.

(Year 3)- MASTERING THE PROCESS: From the Page to the Stage

In the third and final year of our Lopez Mastering the Process: From the Page to the Stage, your child will now be ready to put finishing touches on all they have learned. Having now mastered the fundamentals and advanced classes, they will prove they are indeed masters of their craft by performing in their very first, full length straight play. Having learned how to create three-dimensional characters, learning how to do in-depth script analysis and learning what it takes to turn in a dynamic and memorable performance on stage, your child in now ready to take the leap from the page to the stage and send you, the audience member, soaring into the world of the suspension of disbelief as the as they perform their first, full length, professional straight play as their culmination requirement. As always, the third year will include new headshots and resumes, intensive workshops with agents or casting directors, and private weekly acting lessons. Next stop, BROADWAY!!!

Prerequisite- Mastering the Process 2nd Year Program

About the (LAMP) Director?

Cheri Anne Johnson: Cheri graduated with a BFA in Theatre from West Virginia University, went on to earn her MFA in Theatre from Purdue University, and has been working as a professional actor, teacher and coach ever since. She has worked in DC, NY and LA doing countless theatre, film and commercial work.

She has debuted in several world premieres in Los Angeles, including an award winning Best Musical with her originated portrayal of Shirley in Rehab! The Musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She also gained the attention of The Big Apple with her originated part of Maggie in Trailerville while performing Off Broadway at the Kraine Theatre, and had the pleasure of working at DC’s prestigious Studio Theatre under the direction of Keith Alan Baker while originating the part of Nin in Kerouac.

In film and TV, she starred in a pilot called Women of the World, starred in an infomercial called Rockin Body with the legendary Shaun T. from Beachbody, performed as a Co-Star on a show called Things That Go Bump with the Discovery Channel, Co-Starred in a Lifetime show called Strong Medicine, and had parts in many local commercials, radio spots and indie films.

In her always continuing training, she has studied with the world famous improv company, The Groundlings, while in Los Angeles, has taken workshops with numerous LA casting directors to include Jane Alderman, Christy Dooley, Dean Fronk and Kip King to include just a few, and has been teaching and coaching both kids and adults professionally for the last 10 years throughout LA and the DMV, which includes being a regular staff member of the teaching team at Imagination Stage in Bethesda as well. Cheri is a card carrying member of the Screen Actor’s Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)

She looks forward to continuing her journey with the Lopez family with her brand new actor’s performance division of {LAMP}. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the fall!
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