Main Stage
Main Stage The Main Stage (Spring) consists of 20-50 select performers who will be cast in a full main stage musical production while at the same time attending regular “Company Conservatory Courses” to further enhance their education at an advanced level. There are 2 options of participation: Main Stage Cast or Main Stage Ensemble Cast. To be clear, Main Stage is not community theater nor professional theater. It is a tuition based, conservatory level educational program that yields a Professional Main Stage Production.
Main Stage Cast/Main Stage Ensemble Cast
IMPORTANT: Our desire is that EVERY CAST MEMBER participate in the MAIN STAGE CAST even if cast as an ensemble cast member in order to receive the maximum benefit of the program. The Main Stage Ensemble option is only recommended for those who for whatever reason can’t commit to the requirements of the Main Stage Cast!
Main Stage Cast- Cast members with Lead Roles (named roles, solos, featured lines, featured Choreography).
Main Stage Ensemble Cast- Cast members with Ensemble Roles (possible secondary named roles, ensemble singing, no lines and group choreography)
* Main Stage Cast - will be required to fulfill all the requirements and fees of a Main Stage Cast Member.
* Main Stage Ensemble Cast - will have the option of participating as a Main Stage Cast Member or a Main Stage Ensemble Member.
* VISIT HERE to view the breakdown of Main Stage Roles and Ensemble Roles
General Information/Requirements
  • Generally, rehearsals will be held Saturdays, 1-6PM & may include 3-4 Sundays (January - April)
  • Conservatory classes are scheduled Saturdays, 12-1PM & Wednesdays, 7-9PM (January - April)
    • Vocal Conditioning- all ages will participate together.
    • Characterization & Actor Training may be divided by age group and/or ability level.
    • Both Main Stage Cast and Main Stage Ensemble Cast will be required to attend the Ensemble Building Workshop scheduled 2 Sundays per season.

  • Optional Group Dance Coaching Sessions will be scheduled once the class roster has been confirmed.
    • Following auditions, the casting directors will group all selected cast members in to 3 categories:
      • Group Dance Coaching Required - Cast with little to no dance instruction or who may need additional instruction in this area.(determined by auditions)
      • Group Dance Coaching Suggested - Dance Coaching Suggested but not required.
      • Group Dance Coaching Not Required - Evidence of adequate Dance Instruction/Experience as needed for the show.
  • Those participating in Group Dance Coaching will have scheduled 4 (1) hour coaching sessions with the Choreographer that will fine tune the choreography as well as teach fundamentals of basic dance techniques. (Additional Fees Apply)
  • The dates for our Tech Week are April 8-13 , but please be aware that attendance is mandatory for this entire week
Our goal is to Double Cast the major roles for the show but this will greatly depend on the number of performers that have been cast in the show. In the event we are able to Double Cast, each actor performing a major role will be featured in multiple performances, and will also serve as the standby for the other cast. Again, Double Casting is not guaranteed!
Conservatory Courses

Wednesdays @ 7:00 - 9:00 PM
In this class our cast members will learn the basics of building a character. They will learn how to create a character from the script out onto the stage. We will incorporate ideas and methods from Stanislavski and other theater practitioners. The cast members will also receive actor training as well as learn different techniques, strategies and methods of thought in the theater. Characterization and Actor Training will assist the cast members not only go deeper with their performance but will also provide with practical skills that they will continue to use throughout their career.
Saturday @ 12:00 - 1:00 PM

In any performance strong, healthy voices make for a strong, healthy show. Company members will learn intermediate-to-advancedvocal techniques to help with vocal flexibility, projection, and purity of tone. They will also work specifically on learning to express their characters through the voice while still maintaining healthy singing techniques.
Sunday @ 2:00 - 4:00 PM (2 Sundays per Season)

Ensemble Building is a mandatory workshop where the cast members will discover not only themselves but also each other. The focus of this workshop is to bring the cast together, to develop trust, understanding and to create a safe and collaborative environment for the cast to develop and grow in their performance and as people. This will facilitate a more vibrant and unified performance. More than that, this workshop will help create memories and bonds that they will cherish.
Shop Hours (Main Stage & Main Stage Ensemble)
Part of deepening your understanding of what goes into a production is exposure to the technical side of a show. All company members will be required to help out with some area of tech, whether it be set building/painting, props, or costumes. This means that on occasion your company member will need to stay later on a Saturday for Shop Hours in which we will address these areas of the production, and each company member will be required to fulfill 5-10 hours of Technical Credits.
Parent Volunteer Requirement
(Main Stage Required/Main Stage Ensemble Optional)
Main Stage Cast families will be required to volunteer for at least one of our tech areas (Front of House, Back Stage Crew, Costumes, Tech Assistance (set/props), Marketing). Main Stage Ensemble families will have the option to “OPT OUT” of this requirement for an additional Tech Fee.